The only program tried and tested in-clinic that addresses 

gut health and stress reduction. Start your journey now for just $199 (save $100).

This one of a kind program has been extensively researched and scientifically referenced. Our combined clinical nutrition and stress management approach will show you how to live a happy and normal life, without the constant and debilitating symptoms of IBS.

Alleviate digestive symptoms such as: constipation, bloating, cramping, gas, poor digestion, loose stools

Alleviate stress, anxiety and depression associated with not having control of your gut health.

Learn which foods are harmful and which are helpful for your gut health.

Understand the true causes of IBS and how to address them naturally.

Follow a detailed elimination food guide and re-introduction guide

Learn all about healing gut foods and how to easily incorporate them into your diet.

Recipes and video demos included.

Learn to be less reactive to stress in your life to avoid triggering gut symptoms.

Create new long term habits with the right nutrition and mindset. 

It guides you through a food elimination and reintroduction process and teaches you WHY you are having gut issues.

It gives you worksheets and recordings to re-program your stress response and calms your nerves, which calms the gut.

How Does It Work?

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Who is this program for?

Whether you have been diagnosed with IBS or are struggling with diverse gut symptoms, you will probably relate to many of the following:

  • You have digestive symptoms that often disrupt your life.
  • Are you often in pain, feeling bloated with irregular bowel movements?
  • You have diarrhoea, loose stools or constipation or alternate between all of them.
  • You sometimes react to foods and sometimes not, it's hard to know what to eat.
  • Tried various diets but didn’t achieve any lasting results.

The list goes on... See more symptoms here

Proven results from our program participants

“The healing IBS program was great, I noticed improvements fairly quickly, and found the program was easy to follow and maintain. I have much more energy than before. Maria's nutritional information was very informative and I found Scott's meditations really relaxing. I would highly recommend it.”

- Graham, Townsville QLD

"An extremely effective course that has allowed me to learn so much about myself. Within the first 1-2 weeks I felt and saw big changes, as it addressed the root causes, not just the symptoms. It was so refreshing to see a gut healing program that also linked mental health as key."

- Leticia, Melbourne VIC

“A program that addresses IBS in a holistic way. Maria and Scott understand that IBS isn't caused solely by food. Their program shows that stress is a major contributing factor to unpleasant gut symptoms as well. I'd highly recommend this program to anyone experiencing unpleasant gut symptoms."

- Lillian, Sydney NSW

"Psychological stress is an important factor for the development of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). More and more clinical and experimental evidence showed that IBS is a combination of irritable bowel and irritable brain." 

- Hong-Yan Qin et al,

World Journal of Gastroenterology, 2014

Healing IBS: a combined approach

This program is for anyone who is suffering from gut-related symptoms, whether you've had an official diagnosis or not.

We are very excited to offer you this program as we know that you will experience significant improvements in your gut health when you apply our recommendations- both dietary and stress reduction.

It's a combination of nutrition and stress reduction tools that we have used with thousands of clients in-clinic to restore their digestion and help them restore control of their gut.

Nutrition and Stress Reduction recordings & instructional videos about nutrition and diet for IBS. 

5 Weeks of Nutrition lessons and Stress Reduction worksheets in downloadable PDF format. 

5 extra weeks of stress reduction resources to continue your stress reduction program.

BONUS: Interviews with Gut Health Experts Dr Alessio Fasano and Michael Ash.

Designed for our time-poor lifestyle: the modules are 

simple to follow and easy to implement.

Highly-Qualified & Experienced Clinical Practitioners

Scott Allerton from SYDNEY INTEGRATIVE HYPNOTHERAPY is a stress management expert. He is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Mindfulness stress reduction teacher and fatigue manager.

Read more about Scott

Scott Allerton

Maria Shaflender from TRUE FOODS NUTRITION is a fully qualified Nutritionist (Adv.Dip Nutritional Medicine) and a certified/registered member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society). Maria is trained in all modes of Functional Medicine testing, including gastrointestinal testing and analysis, microbiome management, thyroid, and hormonal testing and treatment and toxicity assessment and treatment.

Read more about Maria.

Maria Shaflender

5 modules of Instructional Nutrition videos with all the information you need for an elimination diet, gut healing foods and re-introduction of foods.

Our Healing IBS Program Includes:

5 Stress Reduction Module Recordings and PDF worksheets to reprogram your brain mindfully

All PDF notes and worksheets for Nutrition and Stress reduction.

Recipes & video cooking demos for gut healing foods. 

BONUS: 5 weekly stress reduction lessons, Mindfulness basics booklet with how to apply mindfulness to common mental health disorders, Educational Ebook on understanding anxiety and panic and how to stop losing the battle, and Interviews on Gut Health with Dr Alessio Fasano and Michael Ash

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